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How to Spread Grass Seed

When it comes to lawn care, everyone wants to be the expert. Everyone thinks they know the perfect time to start spreading their grass seed and how to do it. But do they really? It’s quite the complicated process that we all want to master. Let Ocean State Job Lot show you the way with the when, how, and why so that you can be the kings and queens »

By |May 8, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring|

Finding the Purrfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Carrier

Whether it's a visit to the vet or a weekend getaway, having the right carrier is essential. But beyond just keeping kitty contained, choosing the right size carrier size is crucial for your cat's comfort and safety during travel. A carrier that's too small can be cramped and stressful, while one that's too big can leave your cat feeling insecure and jostled around. Understanding Cat »

By |April 26, 2024|Seasonal, Spring|

New Kitten Checklist: Essential Needs for a Purrfect Start

Welcome Your New Kitten: Getting Started Congratulations! You're about to embark on the delightful journey of kitten parenthood. Filled with playful antics and heartwarming cuddles, kittens bring a unique kind of joy into our lives. But before you get swept away in the cuteness, there are a few preparations to ensure a smooth transition for your tiny furball. This guide will equip you with the essentials to create a »

By |April 23, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring|

How to Safely Wash Dog Toys

If your pet’s not feeling well, have you ever thought that their toys could be the reason why? Most times, we think of dog toys as something that keeps them sharp mentally and physically as they go through their day. Yet, we never think that a chew toy might have a negative effect. Could something from their favorite toy that gives them so much joy make them ill? Let »

By |April 17, 2024|DIY, Responsible Retail, Seasonal, Spring, Sustainability|

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

What is it exactly about squeaky pet toys that make your dog go BOW-WOW beyond belief? Is it simply the sound? Is it the texture combined with that sound? Or, could it be the thrill of chasing an ear-piercing shrill that gets their attention? Well, let Ocean State Job Lot offer you some useful answers that you can chew on. Plus, we'll offer up a few examples of the »

By |April 10, 2024|Fall, Seasonal, Spring, Summer, Winter|
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