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How to Measure Windows for Blinds

When it comes to dressing the windows around your house or apartment, you want to do it with flare and fashion but still keep your spending costs in mind. This is where we here at Ocean State Job Lot come in. We are here to give you a simple DIY plan to get the job done. From precision in measurement to getting the perfect fit at an amazing price, »

By |May 8, 2024|DIY|

How to Spread Grass Seed

When it comes to lawn care, everyone wants to be the expert. Everyone thinks they know the perfect time to start spreading their grass seed and how to do it. But do they really? It’s quite the complicated process that we all want to master. Let Ocean State Job Lot show you the way with the when, how, and why so that you can be the kings and queens »

By |May 8, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring|

New Kitten Checklist: Essential Needs for a Purrfect Start

Welcome Your New Kitten: Getting Started Congratulations! You're about to embark on the delightful journey of kitten parenthood. Filled with playful antics and heartwarming cuddles, kittens bring a unique kind of joy into our lives. But before you get swept away in the cuteness, there are a few preparations to ensure a smooth transition for your tiny furball. This guide will equip you with the essentials to create a »

By |April 23, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring|

How to Safely Wash Dog Toys

If your pet’s not feeling well, have you ever thought that their toys could be the reason why? Most times, we think of dog toys as something that keeps them sharp mentally and physically as they go through their day. Yet, we never think that a chew toy might have a negative effect. Could something from their favorite toy that gives them so much joy make them ill? Let »

By |April 17, 2024|DIY, Responsible Retail, Seasonal, Spring, Sustainability|

5 Steps to Master Fridge Organization: Tips & Ideas

We’ve all been down this road before! You open the refrigerator door and all of a sudden, you can’t find anything! The one thing you’ve been waiting all day to eat or drink isn’t there. Or is it? And if it's there, is it still good anymore? Well, there is hope for you. Your friends here at Ocean State Job Lot have five friendly tips to share to make »

By |April 10, 2024|DIY|

Easy Home Car Wash: 6 Cleaning Tips

When it comes to keeping your car clean, there are usually two categories of people: those who like to do it themselves and those who like to take it to the car wash regularly. For those who like to get down and dirty, let us take you through a complete and affordable process that will have your car looking amazing cruising through your neighborhood. Essential »

By |April 3, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring|
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