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How to Safely Wash Dog Toys

If your pet’s not feeling well, have you ever thought that their toys could be the reason why? Most times, we think of dog toys as something that keeps them sharp mentally and physically as they go through their day. Yet, we never think that a chew toy might have a negative effect. Could something from their favorite toy that gives them so much joy make them ill? Let »

By |April 17, 2024|DIY, Responsible Retail, Seasonal, Spring, Sustainability, Trending|

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

What is it exactly about squeaky pet toys that make your dog go BOW-WOW beyond belief? Is it simply the sound? Is it the texture combined with that sound? Or, could it be the thrill of chasing an ear-piercing shrill that gets their attention? Well, let Ocean State Job Lot offer you some useful answers that you can chew on. Plus, we'll offer up a few examples of the »

By |April 10, 2024|Fall, Featured, Seasonal, Spring, Summer, Winter|

Easy Home Car Wash: 6 Cleaning Tips

When it comes to keeping your car clean, there are usually two categories of people: those who like to do it themselves and those who like to take it to the car wash regularly. For those who like to get down and dirty, let us take you through a complete and affordable process that will have your car looking amazing cruising through your neighborhood. Essential »

By |April 3, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring, Trending|

Design Your Dream Home Tea Bar: Ideas & Inspiration

Craving a daily dose of serenity? Imagine a dedicated space in your home, a haven for brewing the perfect cup of tea. This isn't just about a simple mug and a tea bag; it's about creating a ritual, a calming atmosphere to sip away your worries and savor the delicate flavors. Welcome to the world of the at-home tea station, where functionality meets cozy vibes, and a simple cup »

By |March 27, 2024|Seasonal, Spring|
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