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For the Week of July 14, 2024

Buy-Give-Get Backpacks

Together with our customers we will provide support to tens of thousands children who are in need, to be ready for the upcoming school year with a new backpack!  Our customers can visit any of our locations and buy a backpack for just $20 to donate and they will receive a $20 Crazy Deal Gift Card – free!

Buy-Give-Get Bikes

OSJL is thankful for our loyal customers, who helped with our first-ever Buy-Give-Get bikes program. Through their generosity, we are able to put smiles on kids’ faces by providing bikes to children of military families across the Northeast. In just nine days, our customers purchased 1,800 bikes for children of military families! We will donate some of the bikes at an event called Vets Fest in Philadelphia, PA, where thousands of veterans will be on hand. We will also be donating bikes to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC, for children of recovering veterans.

To The Rescue

We have finished collecting donations for this year’s To The Rescue program! Thank you for your support in this initiative. Stay tuned for updates on the donations made to animal welfare organizations!

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

In these days where we’re constantly looking for ways to integrate environmental consciousness into our homes, Ocean State Job Lot is trying to be a leader in the practice of sustainability by offering eco-friendly products and idea. In fact, it’s our aspirational value! Eco-friendly home improvement ideas create living spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. And we can help. In this blog post, we’ll take you »

By |March 13, 2024|DIY, Seasonal, Spring, Sustainability|

Ocean State Job Lot partners with Goodwill Northern New England

Our Commitment to Inclusion: Advocating for Change In a world full of unique perspectives and vibrant cultures, the human experience is ripe with diversity and inclusion. It's not just about tolerance; it's about celebration, understanding, and empowering others. When we embrace diversity, we embrace the richness of others, and their experiences. Working hand-in-hand with community-based organizations is integral to our commitment to community here at Ocean »

By |March 13, 2024|Charity, Responsible Retail|

First Responder Deal Days Promotion Honors Service Members in the Community

At Ocean State Job Lot, our communities are at the forefront of our business, and first responders are no exception. During Ocean State Job Lot’s First Responder Deal Day, we want to say “thank you” to the brave everyday heroes in our communities by honoring the work they do so selflessly to keep us safe and protected when emergencies strike . From Thursday, March 14, 2024 »

By |March 6, 2024|Charity, Responsible Retail|

The Joy of Giving: Lighting Up Hearts This Holiday Season

In the midst of twinkling lights and the joy of the holiday season, there’s a magic that comes alive when we embrace the spirit of giving. It's in these moments that our hearts are filled with warmth and purpose, especially when we extend a hand to children who eagerly anticipate the wonders of the holiday season. As we navigate through our festivities, there’s a deeper significance »

By |January 15, 2024|Charity, Responsible Retail|

Buy-Give-Get Coats for Veterans

At Ocean State Job Lot, we care deeply about veterans and their commitment to serving our country. Giving back to veterans in need is a gesture of gratitude and respect for their selfless service and sacrifices made in defending our country. These brave men and women have dedicated their lives to safeguarding our freedoms, often facing unimaginable challenges and hardships during their service. Ocean State Job »

By |December 27, 2023|Charity, Responsible Retail|

Holiday Food Donations

During the holiday season, we think more and more about helping those in need. Our focus goes beyond giving material gifts to the idea of ensuring that those dealing with food insecurity can enjoy a nourishing, and if possible, festive meal. It’s one of the things we value here at Ocean State Job Lot, and with our Three Square Meals program, we try to fight against food insecurity as »

By |November 29, 2023|Charity, Responsible Retail|
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