Recently updated on June 19th, 2024

Friends hanging out by the pool eating watermelon.

If your home is THE hotspot during the summer months, are there times you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with your role as the host with the most? Well, let Ocean State Job Lot make things a bit easier.

We’ll take you through everything from some suggestions to make food prep easier to fun lawn games for everyone to ways to keep your pool crystal clear. So, let the summertime vibes roll and let us do the rest!

Food on a table along with accessories for an outdoor summer house party.

Food Fun

To augment your grilling menu and sides, stroll down our aisles for delicious snacks, chips, nuts, and candies. Pack up your cooler with plenty of Polar beverages with an assortment of flavors for everyone to enjoy.

No one wants to be left washing dishes after a long day out in the sun having fun, so use our selections of aluminum disposable pans to lay your food out. Pick up disposable  plates and silverware as well as cups for easy cleanup.

Games, Anyone?

Everyone loves a little fun and competition all at the same time. Pick up a few lawn games that can provide just that. Croquet, bean toss, and bocce are three games that quickly come to mind. Ladderball, badminton, and horseshoes are good ones as well.

Have a few small tables scattered across the backyard where folks can put snacks and drinks while they take their turns trying to take down their opponents.

Pool accessories like shock, algaecide and other chemicals to keep the pool clean

Pool Needs and Essentials

Did you know that Ocean State Job Lot sells nearly 400 tractor trailers of pool shock every year? It’s because our prices can’t be beat! The same can be said on algaecide and other pool chemicals, so stock up early in the season if you have an above-ground pool.

Make sure to put the chemicals in a day or two before the party. Use your pool shock at the beginning of the season and after heavy pool usage. Use your algaecide if the water becomes cloudy. You can always check your pH levels as well to keep the quality of your water clean.

Vacuum out the pool to get rid of any dirt on the floor’s surface and then skim the top the day of the party so the pool is bug and leaf free.

A kids portable pool surrounded by water shoes, towels, and other summer accessories.

Get your pool accessories like skimmers, inflatables, goggles, and if you have little ones, we have inflatable pools good for them to splash around and get wet in while the older kids get a little more adventurous in the bigger pool.If you’re thinking about getting a pool, we’ve got them in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to read how you can get the most out of your pool to beat the heat!

Summer swimwear and other water accessories from Ocean State Job Lot.

Summer Style

Of course you’re going to want to outfit everyone in the family with a new swimsuit. Maybe add a pair of water shoes to avoid the ouchies and the heat while running in the backyard.

If you really want to put some style into your look, add on a fashionable hat or sunglasses.

Sunscreen and insect repellent from Ocean State Job Lot to use at summer house parties.

Protect Yourself

Finally, don’t forget that you always need to protect yourself! Whether that means using sunscreen for your sensitive skin or bug repellent for those itchy insects, we’ve got both at prices that can’t be beat. So, next time you stop by your local Ocean State Job Lot, pick up enough for the entire summer!

No matter what you do this summer, we have what you need at prices that keep the savings in your wallet.