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A dog in front of a shower with a toy and loofahs.

If your pet’s not feeling well, have you ever thought that their toys could be the reason why? Most times, we think of dog toys as something that keeps them sharp mentally and physically as they go through their day. Yet, we never think that a chew toy might have a negative effect. Could something from their favorite toy that gives them so much joy make them ill?

Let Ocean State Job Lot give you a few tips so that you can keep your puppy in optimum shape.

All different types of dog toys.

Quick Guide to Different Toy Materials

There are many different toys that your pup can play with, from plush to rubber to rope toys. Not all of them should be cleaned the same way. Each has a separate nuance in order to give them a complete cleaning. Let’s take you through each one, starting with those most popular hard toys that you can find at Ocean State Job Lot.

Hard Toys (Rubber, Nylon)

These are probably the easiest to clean. Hard pet toys just need a complete scrubbing every few days. Whether they are rubber or nylon, some soap and water with a sponge or cloth should do the trick. You can even clean their leashes and collars at the same time. Make sure they dry properly afterwards.

Soft Toys (Plush, Fabric)

Soft toys are the most pliable. They’re easy to manipulate and get to those hard to reach areas. There’s plenty of ways to clean them too:

  • Hand wash with soap
  • Machine wash with detergent
  • Soak

Rope Toys

The last thing you want to have build up on your toys is bacteria and mold. Rope toys are the most likely to do that. So, in order to avoid that from happening, you’re going to want to get them clean in a very hot environment: the microwave or dishwasher. Don’t use any soap however. Rinse the after it runs in either machine for about two minutes.

A hand holding a clear spray bottle, with plants in the background.

DIY Natural Cleaners

If being all-natural and good for the environment is your thing, here’s a few homemade cleaning solution recipes for you to try:

DIY Natural

Family Handyman

If you’d like to try to make your own, grab all the products at Ocean State Job Lot and mix away.

A dog chews on an old plush bunny toy.

Recognizing When to Replace Toys

So, we all know that the more we clean, the closer we get to eventually having to replace your favorite friend’s fun. Keep an eye out for tears and rips that could harm their mouth because that would be a worse case scenario. Check for dust mites and pet dander as well. No one, including your puppy, likes a dirty toy or a dirty bed.

Toys should be fun and you want to give your puppy hours and hours of play with them. But if they are a detriment, they could do more harm than good. It’s your job to look out for your pets and stop by Ocean State Job Lot, where you can pick up new toys and check out all our pet supplies at amazing prices!

A dog waits for it's toy to come out of the washing machine.

Regular Maintenance

Set yourself up a regular routine to wash your dog’s toys. Maybe it’s something you add into the mix when you clean your bathroom so you can wash the toys in the shower when the soap, sponges, and other cleaning items you’ll need will already be out.

Your dog will definitely appreciate all that you do to keep them entertained. And how about some tasty treats for your best friend? Pick up some of those, too, to keep a smile on your pup’s face!

Visit your local Ocean State Job Lot today to see the latest not only in dog toys, but also in beds, beds, leashes, and more.