Renewable Energy

We are proud to share that three of our Ocean State Job Lot store locations – Johnston, RI; Woonsocket, RI; and Richmond, RI – are now equipped with solar panels.

Through our partnership with the Rhode Island-based Ecogy Energy, we are revolutionizing the vacant rooftops of our store locations into energy-generating platforms. Currently, we have 2,100 solar panels installed across the three stores and we are working to expand our renewable energy footprint to other locations with the aspiration of solar installation on each of our stores.

Ocean State Job Lot’s solar portfolio, made possible by the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Growth Program, is helping to support the state’s renewable energy transition and directly contributes to Rhode Island’s goal of meeting 100% of its electricity demand with renewable energy resources by 2030.


The solar installations in Johnston, Woonsocket and Richmond will result in generating roughly 11.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity over the 20-year duration of this project.

The electricity generated will be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 9,949 acres of the United States forest in one year or offset of 1,309 homes’ electricity for just one year.

The partnership with Ecogy Energy has allowed us to take another step in giving back to the communities we serve and improving our environment. We will continue our involvement with solar energy and expand these projects to other Job Lot locations.

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