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We Stand With The People of Israel

On Saturday, October 7, thousands of Israeli civilians were met by deadly ground incursions and rocket barrages by Hamas, a terrorist organization from the Gaza Strip. As of Wednesday, October 18, at least 1,400 people have been killed and 4,400 wounded in an unprecedented act of senseless violence. Hundreds of innocent women, children and elderly were specifically targeted, brutalized and killed, and 200 civilians have been kidnapped and remain hostage in Gaza.

The people of Israel, now at war with Hamas, are in critical need of your support. To address this most pressing need, we are working with our Israeli partners on the ground – Brothers and Sisters for IsraelFriends of the IDF, and Ruach Nechona (the “Right Spirit”) – to deliver immediate humanitarian aid in the form of:

  • Financial support to the victims and their families
  • Delivery of food, clothing, hygienic products and other essential goods
  • Evacuation of the wounded and stranded civilians from war zones
  • Housing accommodations for displaced civilians
  • Intelligence gathering to aid in recovery of kidnapped civilians

Since all administrative costs are borne by the business of Ocean State Job Lot, 100% of your donation will benefit the people of Israel. With your generosity, we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of Israelis, now suffering in the wake of this tragedy.

Please support this cause by donating in store or by clicking the “give now” button below. For larger donations via bank transfer, please click the “wire info” button and email your reference number to [email protected]. Thank you for your generosity and support.


Friday, Nov 3, 2023

Brothers and Sisters for Israel – In an exclusive interview with Jake Tapper at CNN, learn how our partners at Brothers and Sisters transformed from a pro-democracy movement to the largest civilian relief effort in Israel, with over 15,000 volunteers.  Today, there are over 150,000 displaced Israeli civilians requiring a broad range of humanitarian aid and together with Brothers and Sisters, we are making a difference on the ground!

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023

Brothers and Sisters for Israel – In ten days, over 15,000 civilian volunteers have shown up to support Israel’s largest humanitarian relief program, Brothers and Sisters for Israel. Organized across multiple buildings in the Tel Aviv Exposition Center, this sprawling logistics operation encompasses dozens of team working on project including:

  1. Missing Persons – Computer scientists working to cross-reference photographic data with information on the dark web, to identify missing persons whereabouts.
  2. Displaced Families – Operations center to intake refugees forced to flee their kibbutzim, providing money, food, shelter clothing and other basic materials.
  3. Human Rescue – Ongoing rescue operations to safely evacuate families from war zones.
  4. Animal Rescue – Focussed on rescuing animals left behind during emergency evacuations.
  5. Tactical Equipment – Purchasing and distribution of critical tactical gear like ceramic vests, to make up the current shortfall and needs on the ground.

Below are two videos showing some of the humanitarian relief and rescue operations Brothers and Sisters for Israel are leading:

Friday, Oct 13, 2023

Ruach Nechona (the “Right Spirit”) – Despite most of the leadership being called up into duty, our volunteers at Ruach Nechona continue to provide critical supplies – medical supplies, backpacks, thermal underwear, food etc. – to lone soldiers and their units scattered throughout Israel. Currently, we are supporting over a dozen different units with supplies! Here are a few pictures from a few recent supply drops around the country.

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023

Brothers and Sisters for Israel – One of the largest civilian aid organizations operating in Israel – are at the forefront of efforts to provide immediate support to civilians and soldiers in the line of fire.

From the onset of this war, we have continuously mobilized critical supplies and resources, locating missing individuals, distributing generous donations to the public, and procuring vital equipment. We are running an unprecedented comprehensive logistical operation that leaves no requests unanswered. Here’s an inside look into our Operations HQ:

As the death toll from the Hamas onslaught continues to climb, your support is invaluable and will allow us to continue to scale the crucial efforts.

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