Recycling Efforts

Ocean State Job Lot prioritizes the importance of recycling and reusing our materials within our stores, warehouse and corporate offices. Through encouraging our customers and partners to participate in our recycling efforts, we have proudly been able to be labeled as a Net Zero Waste company.


bales of cardboard were recycled over the past year, which is equivalent to the height of 40 Empire State Buildings.

We highly encourage our customers and community members to participate in our recycling objectives. Currently, we are in the process of offering plastic bag recycling in our stores to offer convenience for our customers.


bales of plastic were recycled in the past year, which is equivalent to the height of nearly 4 Eiffel Towers.

Stats and Figures

Over the past year at Ocean State Job Lot:



bales of paper were recycled, which is equivalent to the height of a four-story building.



bales of cardboard were recycled.

CFL Light Bulbs


CFL light bulbs were recycled.

LED Lighting


Ocean State Job Lot stores were converted to LED lighting.



pallets were recycled, which is the equivalent of 20 times the distance to the deepest part of the ocean.

Scrap Metal


pounds of scrap metal were recycled.



bales of plastic were recycled.

Reusable Bag Initiative

In an effort to limit the use of plastic and paper bags, and their effects on the environment, Ocean State Job Lot is offering and promoting the use of our reusable bags. The bags, which you can purchase in any of our store locations for only $0.99, are laminated for durability. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the bags go to charity to assist children, families, and veterans in need throughout the Northeast. They come in many different designs, which may vary by store. Customers can also use any reusable bag of their choice.

Here’s a couple of handy tips so you won’t forget your reusable bags the next time you go out:

  • After unpacking your store items, place your reusable bags near the door so you’ll see them the next time you leave home.
  • Put your reusable bags in the backseat or trunk of your car so they’re always with you no matter where you go.
  • Remind yourself when getting out of the car that you have reusable bags. Try putting them in the front seat, or if you have someone with you shopping, give them the fun task of making sure the bags come with you into the store. Avoid the long walk back to your vehicle with that useful reminder.

All stats and figures are from 2023

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