It’s time to turn up the flavor! Lucky for you, we’re carrying Allegro BBQ Sauce & Marinade, a distinctive and smokey taste, guaranteed to leave the family wanting more.

At Ocean State Job Lot, we have four Allegro marinade varieties to choose from: Original, Tennessee Whiskey, Black Pepper, and Honey Garlic, all made of tenderizing properties that will make any cut of meat more delicious and packed with savory goodness. You can’t forget its companion, Allegro Original or Honey BBQ Sauce. This Tennessee style, gluten-free topping will turn heads and make a perfect addition to your next grilling experience. Whether you’re tossing together a dish for wings night or cooking up a barbeque masterpiece, these Allegro products will make any meal taste better.

Grab this perfect pairing for only $2.99 at your local Ocean State Job Lot!