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Excited dog with graphic, I heart squeak toys

What is it exactly about squeaky pet toys that make your dog go BOW-WOW beyond belief? Is it simply the sound? Is it the texture combined with that sound? Or, could it be the thrill of chasing an ear-piercing shrill that gets their attention?

Well, let Ocean State Job Lot offer you some useful answers that you can chew on. Plus, we’ll offer up a few examples of the types of toys you can expect to find the next time you’re visiting us at your nearest store.

Dog looking in direction of squeak toy.

Instinctual Attraction

For most dogs, these types of toys and their noises are kind of like a hunt. Dogs are looking for small prey and if they find it, the squeak is the sweet sound of success.

If they don’t find it, the game continues until the squeaky toy is found. It’s a challenge that continues to repeat itself over and over again. Think of it as a way for your dog to stimulate its senses and engage their attention on a daily basis.

Dog perking up to sound showing squeak graphics

Sound and Engagement

Dogs are naturally drawn to the interactive experiences that come with using squeaky toys. The longer the dog goes without proper stimulation, the less likely they are to go back in and engage with a toy.  While the squeakiness may get repetitive and annoying to you, it doesn’t to your pet. For all we know, it could be the best part of his or her day. Squeaky toys hold a special appeal for dogs due to the captivating sound they emit. The high-pitched squeak triggers their curiosity and excitement, enticing them to investigate and play. This engagement stimulates their minds and keeps them entertained for hours on end.

Chew Satisfaction

While the sound may be the main factor, don’t underestimate the pure joy your puppy gets when they finally find the toy they’re running after. Dogs instinctively love to chew, and the combination of the squeak and the physical feel of the toy in their mouth engages their senses while fulfilling their natural urge to gnaw. The health benefit from this chewing action is that it actually helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup while also satisfying their need for mental stimulation and stress relief.

Gog wearing glasses on background of scribbles of notes and math problems

Mental Stimulation

To fully understand your dog’s obsession with these sound-filled toys, know that they are good for their brains, too! That’s right, they’re vital for keeping them sharp.  Just like us humans, dogs need that exercise for their brain to stay mentally engaged.

In order to prevent boredom in their day, toys can provide the perfect outlet, triggering problem-solving skills and creativity as they play. In the end, it will help keep your doggy happy and healthy and avoid any destructive behavior.

Wall photo of dog toys at Ocean State Job Lot

Pet Toy Tips for Furry Friends

No matter what toy you get, make sure they are safe for your furry friend and of course, play in a friendly environment.

At the end of the day, feel good in knowing that the squeaky toys you pick up at Ocean State Job Lot will keep your pets on point with their:

  • Instinct
  • Sound
  • Chew Satisfaction
  • Mental Engagement
  • Don’t forget, you can pick up plenty of pet food and tasty treats that your dog will find delicious and give them plenty of energy to go back on the prowl .
  • With this advice, you’ll have hours and hours of fun ahead with your dogs! While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all of our other dog accessories, including leashes, puppy beds and carriers, at your nearest Ocean State Job Lot.