Recently updated on October 4th, 2023

Two rescue dogs laying together on a couch.

Since its debut in 2019, Ocean State Job Lot’s To The Rescue program has supported over 350 different animal welfare organizations, including municipal shelters, local rescues, rehabilitation farms and wildlife centers. The success of our most recent To The Rescue program was not only realized by the amount of money and products donated, but by the individual efforts of our own associates.

Store Team Leader David Couture from our Kingston, MA store has spent years devoting time to fostering shelter dogs through one of our partner organizations, Animal Rescue of New England, while they eagerly await their forever homes. Inspired by our To The Rescue program, David was interested in becoming more involved with animal rescues, and has since provided temporary housing to over 40 dogs and assisted with finding them permanent placement with loving families.

David Steinberg, Director of Leasing, Ocean State Job Lot Real Estate Group, was inspired to adopt Buddy, after the recent passing of his family pet. David visited Small Dog Rescue of New England, one of our To The Rescue donation recipients, this summer to find a new addition to his family. Now settled into his new home and routine, Buddy is flourishing with the Steinberg family and enjoying his new life.

Two people with a rescue dog at the beach during sunset.

Providing care for animals in need can be time consuming and expensive, particularly for animals with medical needs or special diets. Outfitting a rescue with a bed, toys and nutritious food to keep them healthy while they await adoption is also costly. Adopting a rescue animal is taking support to the next level, and our associates, David Steinberg and David Couture, who have decided to take the leap and dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of rescue animals, are a perfect example of Ocean State Job Lot’s commitment to community.

For more information and to hear David Couture’s experience with the To the Rescue program, click here for our Wave Podcast episode.