A group of people hiking and carrying skis through a snowy forest.

When it comes to winter time, Mother Nature sure can raise havoc with your plans. Whether it’s trying to make the holidays festive or just trying to get around on a normal day, the weather could make things very treacherous. But what if you turned that dynamic around and made it into a positive? That you, as a family, could actually turn the snow and cold into a positive that’s on your side. Are you THAT family that truly can get into some good ol’ fashion snow fun? If you think that you are up to the challenge, here are some cold-weather activities to celebrate. Now, remember, when you’re on the road during the winter months, be prepared with these safety tips in mind. 

Winter Wonderland

People having a snowball fight.

Snowball Fights

This is what separates the hardcores from those who are just out for a winter powder. This is mortal kombat, a fight for the fun of revenge, honor and pride. There’s nothing like a fight to the absolute finish, but you can get our (snow) drift. This is where all your years of snowball experience and teamwork will pay off. It also helps if you can run fast, jump and hide well, too. Ducking and diving really come into play, kind of like dodgeball. So, if you’re good at one, you’re probably good at the other. Decide on your opponents. That could really put some entertainment into all the physical exertion you’re about to put out making and throwing your snowballs.  Finally, make sure you have some really warm gloves!

Building a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, of course we do! You can even sing along as you do it! You’ll need the best type of snow to do it though. That fine snow you get when the temperatures are really cold won’t work. We want that really wet snow that comes when the temps are closer to 30 degrees. It rolls into a ball much better so you can get that bottom layer going much easier and then that second and third ball too. Make sure you have clothing with no holes since they will get soaked. Have fun and be creative with what you use for decorations for your snowman’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and top hat. It’ll make it stand out amongst the others in your neighborhood. 

A family building a snowman together.

Snow Adventures


Nothing brings joy and sheer fright of delight like sliding down a hill at peak speed on a sled. Exhilarating for sure, it’s an extreme ride that you must also be careful with, too. Be sure you are dressed warmly, of course, because once you start, you won’t want to stop. Secondly, make sure there are friends and family that go with you; never sled alone in case you do need a helping hand. Before you begin, walk the hill you’re going down because you don’t want to slide into anything unexpected that could hurt you, putting a damper on your day. 


For the more adventurous types, there’s skiing. It’s definitely a bit more expensive with the cost of equipment, travel, day passes, and the other costs involved. If you’ve never done it before, start slow and maybe take a lesson or two. Trying to show off on one of the more challenging hills is definitely NOT a hill you want to go down! You could do some serious harm to yourself if you lose control down a trail or mountain. Be dressed for the conditions as the higher in elevation you go, the lower the temperature goes. 

Three kids skiing.

Delicious Delights

A cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Hot chocolate anyone?

There’s absolutely nothing better than coming in from the freezing cold to see some hot chocolate waiting for you on the table, hopefully in your favorite mug. Whether it’s a regular, dark, or flavored hot chocolate, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Add some marshmallows or fluff for flavor and the cold will just melt away from your body. If hot chocolate doesn’t float your boat, maybe a flavored coffee will do the trick. The goal is to get your body at room temperature again without scalding the top of your mouth in the process. So, don’t forget, you may have to let your hot chocolate cool down a few minutes before drinking. It’ll be worth the wait! 


Now, to go with that hot chocolate, you’re going to want to have some snacks. Everyone’s probably worked up a pretty healthy appetite playing around outside for a few hours. If you can, and the family is willing, try some healthy snacks like granola bars or nuts, like cashews. If not, you could always go with the standbys of crackers, cookies and chips.

An assortment of snacks on a table.

Being Prepared

A person and baby dressed warmly for winter.

Getting Dressed

Remember when your parents always told you to layer up and you didn’t want to? Well, what happened 30 minutes later after you started having fun? You’re freezing, wishing you did what your parents had said. Put on a few layers of clothes before putting on your winter coat. Make sure you have boots that are nice and toasty and that are water resistant. The last thing you need are wet socks and feet when it’s freezing cold! Gloves, scarves and hats should be without holes. Again, trust us, making sure these are done before you step outside will help you greatly once to do. 

Just In Case

You might want to think about carrying a few extra accessories and keeping them in your car. They could be helpful no matter where you are. Towels, clothing, extra gloves and shovels, all could be helpful no matter where you go or what you do. So too would be having a plan of attack if there’s a sudden need to stop for a quick meal just in case the kids can’t wait until they get home to eat. Anytime you can avoid a car full of screaming or disagreeing kids is a plus, right? 

A blanket, window cleaning fluid and a shovel in the trunk of a car.

Lastly, don’t stress out if things don’t go as planned. If your plans go off the rails a bit, enjoy the time spent together, anyway!. 

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