Three delicious, creamy layers and assorted flavors – get your taste buds ready! With no artificial flavors or colors and no high fructose corn syrup, what more can you ask for? Bauducco Wafers are made in Brazil and are loaded with delightful flavors that can help you forget your stressful day. These delectable treats pair well with ice cream, milk or your morning coffee. Bauducco Wafers are the perfect combination of crispy and creamy, which makes them a great treat for any occasion. You can enjoy them with breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or as your new favorite dessert. The possibilities are endless.

Here at Ocean State Job Lot, we’re carrying six different flavors of Bauducco Wafers, each for just $1 compared to $1.29 at your local grocery store. Choose between sweet coconut, triple chocolate, refreshing strawberry, hazelnut, classic vanilla or chocolate. We’ve got something for everyone, so stop into your local Ocean State Job Lot today and get yours.