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Oh no, it looks like you’ve missed this Can’t Miss Closeout! Be sure to check back often for more incredible closeouts!

This amazing closeout comes to us from a large appliance distributor who experienced supply chain issues last year. Once the shipping issues were fixed, they had a surplus of vacuums that needed to be cleared out to make room for new stock. The end result? Thanks to one of our amazing buyers, huge savings are passed on to you, our customers!

Here’s what our buyer had to say about this closeout:

“At the right price, Job Lot was able to buy truckloads and pass along the savings to our customers.”

The Hoover WindTunnel Max Model No. UH30600 is a bagged upright vacuum cleaner with three suction channels and a sealed HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) media filtration system. This HEPA filter traps 99.7 percent of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens down to 0.3 microns in size. Dust, dander, and other allergy-causing particles get trapped in the filter and stay there, even when changing bags. 

Thanks to the sharp eye of our buyer, we can offer you a brand-name appliance that sells in other stores for $169.99 for an incredible price of $99.99. Learn more about the Hoover Wind Tunnel Max and visit your local Ocean State Job Lot to get this awesome Can’t Miss Closeout before it sells out!