Recently updated on June 14th, 2023

Ah, chips. A guilty pleasure well known and loved by most of us. Over here, we love a good handful of chips, but we wanted something a bit different. On our hunt, we found Funday Food, and boy did it change the snacking game. Funday Food’s mission was to change the way we snack by developing crazy flavors – and they did just that. Located in Massachusetts, their innovative team has been working on novelty flavors and unique recipes for the past 10 years. While they have a variety of items to choose from, we fell in love with their kettle-cooked potato chips. 

Consider these potato chips reimagined. Everything Bagel is probably the most “normal” flavor and keeps this salty snack salty. If you are a salty-and-sweet-at-the-same-time type of person, Salted Caramel will be the flavor for you. The most unusual and unique flavor that you need to give a chance is Glazed Donut. Weird, we know, but if you want to try something new, this is for you! All flavors are kettle cooked for that little bit of an extra crunch. They are also gluten free, with no added MSG, kosher, nut free and only $2.99 per bag. Stop in to your local Ocean State Job Lot and let us know which was your favorite!