Latest Initiatives

Demand Response Initiative

In our role as a responsible retailer, Ocean State Job Lot is doing our part during demand response events to help the community. What is a demand response event? It’s when the electric utility company looks into reducing the amount of energy being used due to a high demand in a certain state. It helps balance supply and demand of energy grids in hopes to reduce electricity costs in certain locations. Typically, the utility company will give companies like Ocean State Job Lot 24 hours’ notice when an event will take place.

During that time, there are several ways in which we help reduce the electrical usage in our stores, corporate offices, and distribution centers. These changes are led by our Energy Team.

  • Unplug any unused appliances.
  • Turn the brightness down on anything that is plugged in.
  • HVAC is set to turn off during this time.
  • Close any open doors if possible.

LED Conversion Initiative

Ocean State Job Lot is committed to our investment in green energy with the LED initiative. Starting in 2017, we have upgraded to LED lightbulbs and advanced lighting control systems in 131 of our 152 stores as well as our distribution centers and corporate office. The improvements have resulted in an annual decrease of using 17.4 million less kilowatt hours of energy resulting in a savings of $2.7 million in energy costs.

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