Starting Out

Spring forward. It’s two words we all look forward to, especially here in the Northeast. After a cold and snowy winter, the sweet sounds, smells, and of course, those warming temperatures, are what we all look forward to every spring. The extra hour of daylight doesn’t hurt our mindsets either. But, let us not forget that there’s plenty of work to be done, especially when it comes to your patio and backyard.

First things first. Do an inspection of what the winter may have done. Is there any damage to your concrete, stones, fences, or furniture that you may have left covered outside? Check for any rust on tables and chairs. Take a look at the screws on your table umbrellas and tent canopies. Make sure they’re tight and not stripped.

Power Washing & Getting Your Patio Clean

The last thing you want is to do is start building a beautiful backyard and then spot some cracks in the concrete and have to start over. If all is ok, take that next step in the cleaning process: power washing. Whether you’re going to do a deep clean on your patio, walkway, siding on the house, or anything else that might need a bit of muscle behind it, declutter the area first. Remember, it’s the “power” in “power washing” that could make things a bit messy. Make sure the areas are clear of anything that might go flying. Then, decide if it’ll be a soft wash or a strong wash. The difference is in the settings level on your power washer and the soap you’re going to use. Remember, you might be able to get by with just a medium spray but there might be other places where you need something with some umph behind it. Once you’re done cleaning, make one final check to be sure everything is back in its proper space.

Next up on your master remodeling plan is just that – the plan. Your patio and backyard areas can certainly be a carousel of comforts over the course of the spring and summer months. There’s a place for relaxing, eating, entertaining, and of course, if you have kids or parties, there’s a spot for all the fun things that happen. Depending on the size of your yard, you may need some spots to multitask, so keep that in mind.

The Many Uses for Your Backyard

Take this time to think big. Maybe this is the year you buy that gazebo and provide some covering from not only the rain, but also those days of high temps and hot sun. This is especially good if your yard lacks natural shade from trees. Ocean State Job Lot has your pick of gazebos. There are plenty to choose from in all sizes as well as some with side netting as well. That will come in handy to provide a place to put the food safely away from Mother Nature’s pests that may want to join the party. If not a gazebo, maybe a new fire pit is in your future. There’s nothing better to warm up those spring nights that have just a hint of chill. You can have your choice between a fire pit powered by gas or conventional fire wood or log starters. Either will do the trick. Just think of all those fireside chats you’ll have with family and friends under the nighttime stars and sky, making forever memories.

Planning What You Need to Entertain

Now, if you’re going to be making those memories, you’ll want to be comfortable while doing it. A new season might be the right time to update your patio furniture. But before you do that, take a look at what you have. Give it a quick clean with a sponge and soap, see if it will make it through another season in the sun. Plus, those pillows and cushions should be plump and comfy instead of rock-solid hard. Move on from those that don’t make the comfortability cut. Mix and match with pillows and cushions as well. Don’t forget decorative string lights, citronella candles, and more for ambience too. Those extra touches go a long way.  

In the end, a couple of days of preplanning and prep work will mean weekends of engaging entertainment for you to enjoy for months to come.

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