From cookies to crackers, it’s snack time! Bitsy’s is a company that was founded by moms who wanted to give their children healthier snack time options. They believe that snacks lead to shared experiences and quality time spent together. With a passion to find the yummiest, brightest, farm fresh ingredients, they created Bitsy’s. These snacks come in individual serving packages, which make them easy for on-the-go travel, lunch boxes, sporting events and more. Bitsy’s are USDA organic, non-GMO, nut free and stamped with inspiring messages so you can feel your best every day!

Here at Ocean State Job Lot, we’re carrying two different kinds of 4-oz cookies and two different kinds of 5-oz crackers. Starting with gingerbread cookies, which contrary to popular belief, can be eaten year round and definitely should be! We also have oatmeal raisin cookies that are sweet and full of that fresh-out-of-the-oven crispiness. On the cracker side we’re carrying ranch, which is tangy and addicting, and can be dipped into pretty much anything. Lastly, we have sweet maple crackers as well. These sweet bites remind us of Sunday morning pancakes and are the perfect combination of sweet and crunch. No matter what your flavor is, you can find them for only $2 at your local Ocean State Job Lot. What are you waiting for?