A graphic with wording "Educator Deal Days, 40% back as a Crazy Deal Gift Card when you spend $20 or more!"

Are you an educator gearing up for the new school year? Get ready to save as you prepare your classroom! Ocean State Job Lot is showing our appreciation for educators in our communities by offering an incredible promotion during their Educator Deal Days. From Thursday, August 17, 2023, through Wednesday, August 23, 2023, all teachers, school management, school support personnel, and documented homeschoolers can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

When you spend $20 or more, you’ll receive a Crazy Deal Gift Card equal to 40% of your purchase! To participate in this promotion, you must be registered as a Job Lot Insider.

This means that your dollars will go even further as you prepare for the upcoming school year. Whether you need supplies, classroom decorations, storage, or personal items, this promotion allows you to stretch your budget and get the most out of your purchases.

If you aren’t a Job Lot Insider already, simply register and provide proof of employment. Once you’re registered, you can take advantage of this incredible offer during the Educator Deal Days promotion period.

But you aren’t limited to just classroom supplies! We want to recognize our educators for all your hard work and to be able to buy the things you need.

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Now, let’s discuss the exciting possibilities of how you can make the most of this incredible promotion at Ocean State Job Lot. We know you’re in need of certain supplies to help you teach effectively and create a positive learning environment for your students. Here are some essential supplies that to consider purchasing during our Educator Deal Days promotion:

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Classroom Decor

Make your classroom visually appealing and engaging for students with decorations such as whiteboards, wall decorations, bulletin boards, and more. Don’t forget some Command hooks so you can rearrange things whenever you need. Ocean State Job Lot offers a wide range of classroom decor options that are both educational and fun.

A classroom bulletin board shows different math facts and classroom partners.

Learning Essentials

Stock up on essential classroom supplies like notebooks, binders, folders, pens, pencils, markers, and crayons. These supplies are crucial for both teacher instruction and student participation. By taking advantage of the Educator Deal Days promotion, you can stock up on these essential supplies for less, so every student can have access to these important learning tools.

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Calendars and Planners

As an educator, staying organized is key to managing your workload effectively. These tools can help you plan lessons, keep track of important dates, and maintain a structured schedule. Ocean State Job Lot offers a variety of calendars and planners in styles, colors, and sizes to suit your preferences. Score an excellent deal on these essential tools, and start the new school year with a clear and organized plan.

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Classroom Electronics

Ocean State Job Lot also offers a variety of classroom electronics options, including calculators, tablets, headphones, and computer accessories. Investing in technology can greatly enhance your teaching methods and provide students with valuable learning opportunities. Keep a few extra headphones on hand for forgetful students, and pick up a Bluetooth speaker for those between-lesson movement breaks!

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Arts and Crafts Supplies

Encourage creativity and expression by stocking up on arts and crafts supplies like paints, brushes, paper, glue sticks, scissors, and craft kits. These supplies are perfect for arts integration and hands-on activities that promote critical thinking, sensory development, and problem-solving skills.

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Educational Games and Toys

Make learning fun with educational games and toys that can be incorporated into your lessons. Ocean State Job Lot offers a wide range of educational toys and games that cover various subjects and grade levels. From fidgets and animal figurines to stuffed animals and play food, we’ve got plenty of toys to teach and engage your students.

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Classroom Storage

Keep your classroom well-organized and efficient with file organizers, baskets, and bins. Maximize your space with some of Ocean State Job Lot’s storage solutions.  Whether it’s small totes to keep your classroom decorations neat or little plastic baskets for each student to keep their desk areas organized, our selection of storage options will help you keep your classroom tidy without busting your budget.

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Keepin’ it Clean

Stock up on all your favorite cleaners and paper goods! We have all the cleaning supplies you need to disinfect those desks between lessons, paper towels for spills, and hand sanitizer and tissue to help everyone stay healthy all year.

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Student Incentives and Rewards

Motivate and reward your students’ achievements with a selection of incentives and rewards available at Ocean State Job Lot. From stickers and awards to small toys and games, these rewards can encourage positive behavior and foster a supportive classroom atmosphere. We have a large selection of small, affordable items.  Stock up and ensure you have a supply of incentives throughout the school year.

Remember, Educator Deal Days only runs from August 17, 2023, until August 23rd, 2023, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it ends. By utilizing the Crazy Deal Gift Card, you can stretch your budget further and get the essential supplies you need for a successful school year. To stay updated on all the latest deals and promotions, visit Ocean State Job Lot’s website and sign up as a Job Lot Insider. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save money while getting ready for the new school year. For a complete list of terms and conditions, please visit our Educator Deal Days page.

We believe that all teachers, school management, school support personnel, and documented homeschoolers should have access to this amazing promotion. Your dedication to education deserves to be recognized, and we hope that this offer helps make your back-to-school shopping a little easier. Happy shopping, educators!