With the chilly months making their way in, the one thing we will all need is something to warm us up. One thing we love (if you couldn’t tell already) is some good food at good prices. So, that being said, one of our favorite foods to help us warm up from the inside out is soup. Really, any flavor will do and we know how many different types there are. We also love something that is easy to make; just warm it up and enjoy. We have found that Tim Horton soup is one of our favorites, and a staple for our pantry this time of year.

Surprise! You can get Tim Horton soup at your local Ocean State Job Lot! We are fully stocked with your choice of chicken noodle or tomato parmesan. Prepare a quick and easy lunch with the chicken noodle soup and a sandwich on the side. Feeling like you need a comfort meal? Heat up the tomato parmesan and pair it with some buttery grilled cheese. All you have to do is cozy up on the couch with your favorite movie playing for an ideal snow day or night in. Visit Job Lot today to stock up, you never know when a snowstorm might sneak up on us!