Recently updated on June 14th, 2023

Cajun Pop Flavored Popcorn

From the kernel to the bag, this popcorn delivers a ton of flavor that will leave you wanting more. Cajun Pop is steeped in the Louisiana spirit of good times and big flavor. Behind every flavor is a story and the “joie de vivre” (enjoyment of life) of the South pops out of every single bag. Don’t get confused, Cajun Pop isn’t your normal popcorn, it’s actually very far from normal. All of their flavors are uniquely specific to the South and will soon become your new normal.

The flavors that we’re carrying at Ocean State Job Lot start with bananas foster, dat cheddar and boiled crawfish, and extend all the way to pecan pie, creole pickle, kickin’ caramel and southern ranch. We told you these weren’t going to be the ordinary flavors that you’re familiar with! In every bite, you’ll taste a laid-back bayou afternoon, a zesty creole boil and a cozy Cajun kitchen. Spice up your life with Cajun Pop for only $2.25 a bag at your local Ocean State Job Lot.