Good snacking can be better than eating a full meal. We all have those days where we like to pick on snacks all throughout the day. Whether it is a party or football Sunday in the fall months, a good snack can put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Cookies and crackers are some of our favorite picks when it comes to a quick and easy bite. We have been loving Fat Snax Crackers & Cookies so much lately that we just had to write about them. With Fat Snax, you can get both salty and sweet with crackers and cookies. What’s even better about these is they are healthy so you can hold off on feeling guilty. Both crackers and cookies are keto friendly and low carb: who doesn’t love that? They are also gluten free and grain free, and have no preservatives. 

At Ocean State Job Lot, we carry three different cracker flavors and two different types of Fat Snax cookies. For crackers, we have salted, everything (like an everything bagel, yum!) and cheddar. As for cookies, we have both chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, which are both so delicious. Come shop with us and get your Fat Snax for just $2.99. You will not regret it!