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A person measures their window with a tape measure.

When it comes to dressing the windows around your house or apartment, you want to do it with flare and fashion but still keep your spending costs in mind. This is where we here at Ocean State Job Lot come in.

We are here to give you a simple DIY plan to get the job done. From precision in measurement to getting the perfect fit at an amazing price, we’re here to help you.

So, get your pen, pencil, paper, and tape measure out and before you know it, your curtain and window treatments will be draped in high fashion from top to bottom!

Understanding the Basics of Window Measurements

Because in the end, the exact measurements will absolutely matter, you’re going to want to understand what it is you’re measuring. Take into consideration whether it is an inside or outside mount you are doing when getting the width or height measurement. We’ll go over that later.

Make sure it doesn’t leave any gaps. You don’t want any slits in the sides or around the top and bottom so that people from the outside can see in.   

A pencil, notebook and tape measure.

Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring Windows for Blinds

Once you’re ready to get going, here’s your road map. Make sure you’re writing down the measurements for the right windows in the room you’re working in.

  1. Gather your tools: Grab a steel measuring tape, pencil, and paper.
  2. Measure the width: For an inside mount, measure the window’s width at top, middle, and bottom. For an outside mount, measure the width of the window frame.
  3. Measure Height: For an inside mount, measure the window height at left, center, and right. For an outside mount, measure the height from top of frame to desired length.
  4. Record Measurements: Note down the smallest width and height for accuracy.
  5. Double-Check: Confirm your measurements before ordering or picking up your blinds.

Measuring for Inside-Mount Blinds

If you’re measuring for inside-mount blinds, you’ll want to follow these easy steps:

  • Width: Measure the width inside the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest width.
  • Height: Measure the height inside the frame on the left, center, and right. Note down the shortest height.
  • Depth: Check the depth of your window frame to ensure compatibility with your chosen blinds.

Measuring for Outside-Mount Blinds

If you’re measuring for outside-mount blinds, you’ll want to follow these easy steps:

  • Width: Measure the width of your window frame from edge to edge. Add extra width for desired coverage and overlap.
  • Height: Measure the height from the top of the window frame to your preferred length, ensuring full coverage.
  • Depth: Assess the space outside the window frame for clearance and mounting hardware.
A person measures their windows using a tape measure.

Tips for Accurate Measurements

In order to make sure you’re as close as possible to getting the accurate measurements you need, just follow along with these tips.

  • Use a Steel Measuring Tape: For accuracy, use a sturdy steel tape measure rather than a flimsy ruler.
  • Triple Check: Measure width and height at multiple points to catch any inconsistencies.
  • Record the Smallest Measurements: To ensure a snug fit, note down the smallest width and height.
  • Consider Mounting Options: Make your choice between inside or outside mount based on your preferences and window type.
  • Watch for Obstructions: Check for any obstructions like handles or locks that may affect measurements.
Vertical slat blinds hanging in a house.

Selecting the Right Blinds for Your Windows

Once you have all your measurements in hand, there’s only one final thing to do: pick out your blinds. A few things to consider are:

  • Assess Your Needs: Consider factors like privacy, light control, and aesthetics.
  • Choose the Style:  Roller, Venetian, or Roman blinds are some to consider.
  • Consider Materials: What texture would you prefer from wood to fabric to PVC. Your style and budget will best decide this.
  • Check Features: Look for special features like a cordless operation or blackout options for added convenience.

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