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Taking ribboned Christmas tree ornaments out of storage box.

As a child or an adult, one of the things we most look forward to each and every year is putting up the Christmas tree! It marks the beginning of the Christmas season for some. Of course, there are some Scrooges out there that wait until the last minute to do it, or don’t even do it all. Yet, there are some of us who put it up right after Thanksgiving Day (or before) and keep it up well after Christmas. It’s not a bad thing, Santa enjoys the view and in the end, it’s just whatever your personal preference is.

We here at Ocean State Job Lot can help you with this step-by-step guide through the process. You’ll get exactly what you need to put up a tree at great savings with extraordinary value.

Child decorating Christmas tree.

Introduction: Embracing the Holiday Spirit

When it’s time for you to finally take that leap into fully decorating for the holidays, you must first make that decision whether you are all in or just going to do the basics. If you’re going to do it, you might as well go all out, right?

Child looking at trees at a Christmas tree farm.
Child looking at artificial Christmas trees in a store.

Choosing the Right Tree: Real vs. Artificial

Let’s first talk about the Christmas tree. With that, there’s really one HUGE question to answer before you can go anywhere: will you have a real or an artificial tree? The answer to that question goes a long way as to how you need to proceed.

A real tree brings that fresh smell of pine and the outdoors. It also brings that natural, historic feel of Christmas. However, it will only last a few weeks and does need some maintenance in terms of sweeping up the pine needles and watering. Also, you’ll need to dispose of it after the holidays. Do a little research with your local city or town to see their respective details about disposal.

As for the artificial tree, it’s more practical and it should last more than just one year. It’s more affordable because of that. Our selection of holiday trees at Ocean State Job Lot gives you all different sizes and feels to fit your home and personality.

Either way, you’ll want to set aside time for shopping as you don’t want to rush things and bring home a tree you’ll regret getting. Also remember, some places only sell certain types of trees, so do your research.

A real Christmas tree stand.

Setting the Foundation: Tree Stands and Placement

After you decide what type of tree you’re going to have, the next obvious question is where is it going? Will it be the living room? Will it be a front room? No matter where you choose, find a location that allows your tree to shine without overwhelming the space it’s in. Consider the balance of your room and ensure there’s enough room on all sides so you can put ornaments and decorations up. Also consider the fact that the kids will be helping decorate the tree so you don’t want to make it too tight for them to get around the tree. You don’t want to be knocking things down off the tree right after they’ve gone off. A central spot in your living room often works well, but don’t be afraid to get creative with unconventional spaces like corners or entryways. Make sure to look around the room to see where your electrical outlets are. You’ll want to avoid adding extra power cords if you can. Power strips are always an option as well.

Just as important is selecting the right tree stand. Ocean State Job Lot offers a variety of sturdy and stylish stands to keep your tree secure and upright throughout the holiday season.If you  have a real tree, make sure you have a water reservoir to keep it hydrated or if it’s an artificial one, you’ll need a durable base to keep it standing tall.

Christmas tree lights

Lighting Your Tree: Types and Techniques

Just like when you’re choosing the lights for the outside of your home, you’ll need to take some time to consider what type of lights you want on your tree. You’ll want to think about:

  • Color – Will they be white or multi-colored?
  • Size – Will they be icicle-like or bigger bulbs?
  • Blinking – Will they be blinking or stay on all the time?
Fairy themed Christmas tree decorations.

Choosing a Theme: Color Schemes and Styles

Do you want a theme for your holiday tree or is it more of a celebration of fun for the season? A theme may need to be more thought out before putting up your ornaments, ribbon, and lights while a simple, free-form tree might be able to just go with the flow. Ask the family and get their input before deciding this important step.

Merry Christmas ornaments

Ornaments 101: Selection and Arrangement

The key here is always to spread your ornaments and lights out. You NEVER want to have to go back and look at the tree the next day or week and see open spaces of nothingness. As you’re going about the process, ALWAYS have someone looking from a distance to make sure you have a nice balance going.

If you do find yourself having that blank space at any point in the process, STOP for a moment or two! Spread things out if it’s a light issue or add in some ornaments if that’s the cause of concern. See if that fixes the problem or repeat the process until it does. One or two passes should do the trick.

Garlands, tinsel, and ribbons.

Adding Garlands and Ribbons: A Touch of Elegance

Garlands, tinsel, and ribbons. There simply is no in-between on this. Some folks like them as additions to their trees. Others go the complete opposite way and hate them. They see them as cover-ups for the lights and ornaments. Decide which is best for you and run with it.

Father and daughter putting tree topper on Christmas tree.

The Finishing Touch: Tree Toppers and Skirts

Every tree has to have that finishing touch with the tree topper that completes what the tree says about you and your family. It could be angelic, magical, fun, or maybe even just a symbolic light that shines onto your ceiling; but whatever it is, make sure it says something about you because we guarantee, someone will ask about its significance.

While the tree topper takes care of things high up, you’ll want a tree skirt to cover the tree stand below and be used as a landing spot for all of your presents for family and friends. Keep the creativity there as well or maybe there’s something traditional in the family that you’ll want to use.

Dog sitting near fallen christmas tree in living room. Guilty puppy.

Safety First: Keeping Your Tree Fresh and Secure

No matter how you build your holiday tree, you want to make sure that it’s safe and secure. Make sure tree stands are balanced on all sides to avoid any tipping or leaning. You also want to make sure there are no fire hazards between the tree, power cords, or power strips. The last thing you want or need is a spark causing fire damage to your home or even the tree falling over hurting someone or breaking something.

Father and daughter having fun putting up Christmas tree

Involve the Family and Enjoy a Fun Activity

If you do nothing else, make sure this is a fun, bonding experience with your family. Hopefully, decorating the Christmas tree will become something they look forward to each and every year and pass on to their own children one day. Sharing stories, singing Christmas carols, and just having a good time will create memories with loved ones for years to come.

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