Kids playing soccer.

If the idea of heading to the beach is giving you the blahs, Ocean State Job Lot is here to pump some life not only into your beach ball but also into the hot, hazy days of summer.

Get Started

For most of us, the thought of packing up the car, truck or minivan gives us a headache before we even get started. With that in mind, let’s give you a little checklist to make things a bit easier. It all starts with a comfy beach chair, right? Our top-of-the-line Copa chairs adjust from one single standard position to up to seven different slots to make sure you’re sitting at just the right angle to get your optimum tan. But if you’d like to get a bit closer to the sand, we’ve got a variety of cotton beach towels in all different colors and sizes. Shield yourself from the sun with one of our beach umbrellas that anchors in the sand. Or for added protection, pick up an instant pop-up beach tent that also keeps bugs away.

Have the Best Beach Day

Protect Yourself

Let’s not forget to protect your skin. There’s nothing worse than coming home and taking on the ravages of a sunburn to put a damper on your fun times by the water. Our range of sunscreen from SPF 30 to 110 will keep you safe. But, it’s not only your skin that needs protecting: your eyes need it, too. Be sure to grab a pair of sunglasses that will do the trick and spare your eyes from the sun’s sharp rays, but will also make you look stylish in front of all your fellow beachgoers. Don’t forget your feet, too, with our flexible flip flops and water shoes.

Children eating sandwiches at the beach

Get Snacking

We all know that a day at the beach is not going to be a short one, if you’re doing it right of course. So, with that in mind, you might want to pack a lunch and plenty of snacks! Feed your appetite with Pirate Booty, peanuts, Chi-Chi’s tortilla chips, chocolate, Haribo candies and more. Keep yourself and your friends or family hydrated all day long with your beverage of choice. Remember to include plenty of water or flavored water like seltzer from Polar. Keep your drinks ice cold with our beach coolers that hold up to 72 cans.

Busy Bodies

So, what will you do when you’re not spending your time relaxing, swimming, and sun tanning? You have to account for those other times to keep yourself busy, especially if you’ve got young kids. Sand shovels are surely a favorite to build creative sand castles. And how about trying out a Big Lizard bodyboard? Or, maybe it’s a good ol’ football to toss, but make sure you find an open spot to play so you don’t interrupt your fellow beachgoers. Of course, there’s always the old standbys of reading a good book or listening to your favorite playlist, podcast, or audiobook.

Enjoy your time whether you’re alone or with family and friends. And allow yourself time for unexpected adventures like a nice walk, picking up the seashells or maybe trying a new place to eat that’s along the way.

Kids building a sand castle at the beach

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