A table full of children's art supplies including paper, scissors, glue, paint, crayons, and markers.

Watch out! Peter Cottontail is almost here and ready to hop straight on down the bunny trail bearing some tasty treats. But are you prepared for all those goodies that come with the Easter holiday? It’s time to get your bake on whether you’re hosting that delicious dinner meal, bringing desserts to your favorite family or friends’ house, or just hanging out at home looking for something yummy to snack on. And here’s the best part: Ocean State Job Lot is the perfect partner to get that baking done to fit your budget.

Deciding on Desserts

Sometimes the hardest part is trying to figure out what you’re going to bring or bake, am I right? Every holiday brings its own special spin on it and Easter is of course no exception. The kids are excited for the traditional Easter egg hunt or opening of baskets and yes, they’ll be looking for something to munch on before the fun times begin. Then, there’s the usual after dinner desserts that will fill you up your kitchen tables. So first decide whether you are baking or whether you’re picking up something that’s already baked for you. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you go the prebaked route. Time is scarce and life is busy. But if it’s baking you enjoy, here’s a few suggestions.

Easter bunny rolls

  1. Easter shaped rolls – These rolls are fairly easy and straightforward. It’s all about the positioning and shaping your rolls into the right bunny or Easter egg shapes. You might want to use crescent rolls for the ears. Taste of Home has a fun recipe to try.
  2. Cake pops or decorative cupcakes – You could go the straight cake route and decorate the top with candies or by piping on words. But if you want to be a bit bolder or different, roll that cake mix into balls of cake and slide a stick in the middle. Voila! Instant cake pops or as we like to call them, cake on the run! Baking Smarter gives you a few options ranging from bunnies to eggs to sheep.
  3. Easter bunny cookies – These are always a hit. You can either mix your cookie batter from scratch or cut the premade cookie rolls. Either way, decorate them with some fun icing to make them festive. It’s also something the kids can help out with, too! Check out Martha Stewart’s wide range of Easter cookies!

Starting from Scratch – The Tools 

If you’re the baker in your home and truly like getting things started from scratch, you must have the bakeware essentials. Cookie sheets, muffin pans, cupcake pans, and parchment paper should be on your checklist while you’re shopping at Ocean State Job Lot. That’ll get your savings off to a good beginning for your budget. If you’re into macarons, POPCO has an amazing 19-piece baking kit. It includes everything you’ll need to bake the perfect marcaron – two (2) half-size and two (2) quarter-size silicone baking mats, eight (8) piping tips, three (3) piping bags and ties, and a coupler – and it comes at an ideal price.

Easter baking with flour image

The Ingredients

One of our staples here at Ocean State Job Lot, Bob’s Red Mill, will be your baking bestie as you put your dessert menu together. Bob’s Red Mill has it all including all-purpose flour, artisan bread flour, and baking soda. Plus, they offer vanilla and chocolate cake mixes. For our gluten-free friends, Bob’s Red Mill offers that option in both cake and bread mixes. 

Don’t forget the toppings! Sprinkles, whipped cream, and frosting will be needed to bring out the “bunny feels” on your cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies. 

Stop by your local Ocean State Job Lot or go online today to get those savings started! Have a Happy Easter from Ocean State Job Lot!