Eating a salad without a dressing just isn’t right, but eating one topped with a high-calorie and high-fat salad dressing just defeats the purpose. Good thing you can have a healthy dressing that’s calorie-, fat-, carb- and sugar-free, and still tastes delicious! Walden Farms Dressings are made with culinary-inspired ingredients and blends of herbs and spices to liven up any salad. Walden Farms makes all of their dressings right here in the USA, and we’re selling the 12oz bottles for only $3.29 in your local Ocean State Job Lot, compared to $3.99 at your local grocery store.

The Walden Farms flavor selection leaves an open-ended realm of possibilities for your inner chef to explore. We’re carrying Ranch, Chipotle, Italian, Honey Dijon, Raspberry Vinaigrette and Thousand Island. At your next gathering, toss some Thousand Island dressing into a creamy Reuben dip with sauerkraut and corned beef. Fry up some crispy breaded shrimp and dip them into Walden Farms Honey Dijon dressing to make your guests go wild. Marinate meats and vegetables for your next BBQ with the Walden Farms Chipotle, Italian or Raspberry Vinaigrette. The possibilities are endless! Stop in today to get a 12oz bottle of Walden Farms dressing in your favorite flavor or grab them all and get cooking!