New Orleans style, kettle-cooked, crunchy goodness – say no more. Zapp’s Potato Chips come in an array of daringly different flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Since 1985, this brand has been the party-favorite chip among friends, and we’re selling them in your local Ocean State Job Lot for only $2.50 a bag, compared to $2.99 at your neighborhood grocery store. 

Zapp’s carries some classic flavors like Regular potato chips, BBQ and Salt & Vinegar, which you can’t go wrong with. But, when we say that there are some daringly different flavors, we mean it. Starting with Cajun, which is smoky, garlicky and peppery all rolled into one chip. The Cajun-flavored chips will transport you to a Mardi Gras party with just one bite. Another unique flavor is Zapp’s Voodoo chips that will make your mouth water with a hint of salt and vinegar and a sprinkle of smokiness and BBQ sweetness all mixed together. Finally, we’re carrying Zapp’s Evil Eye potato chips, which are subtle with mild heat, yet bursting with an immense amount of flavor. Try them if you dare! 

If you’re now hungry for a snack, make sure to run to your local Ocean State Job Lot and try out all of these flavors.