A no-carb pasta that tastes good? You better believe it! Skinny Pasta is a healthy and great-tasting alternative to regular pasta. Made of Konjac plant root, an herb that grows in parts of Asia, Skinny Pasta promotes healthy weight loss and is perfect for special diets. This gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free pasta fits into any dietary lifestyle. The Konjac fibers found in the pasta have the ability to absorb water upon digestion, helping fill the stomach and aiding in appetite satisfaction. It is recommended to drink one or two glasses of water while eating Skinny Pasta for the Konjac to absorb. 

You’ll find two different shapes of Skinny Pasta at your local Ocean State Job Lot – rice shape and spaghetti shape. Each one mimics the taste and texture of its traditional counterpart. The best part is that they are pre-cooked and ready in two minutes. You no longer have to reach for that unhealthy freezer meal when you’re in a pinch for lunch or dinner. Grab a bag of Skinny Pasta, add your favorite sauce and you’ll have a delicious healthy meal in no time. For only $2 a bag, you can eat healthy and not break the bank.