A variety of Muk Luk products including leggings, socks and boots.

Our latest Can’t Miss Closeout brings you a huge selection of some of the comfiest, softest socks, leggings, slippers, and boots from MUK LUKS! MUK LUKS has been “keeping feet cozy since 1972,” and has some of the toastiest treats for your feet! 

We were able to buy almost two million men’s and women’s slippers, socks, slipper socks, boots, and leggings, in different styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes of this legendary brand. Our variety of sizes and styles may vary by store, but with so many pieces flowing into our aisles, we know you’ll find something you love! 

Can’t Miss Value

In other stores, you’d pay between $12.99 and $120 for this selection of socks, slipper socks, leggings, cabin socks, slippers, or boots. But here at Ocean State Job Lot we’re able to sell them for much less! Check out these unbelievable prices: 

  • Men’s and Women’s Slipper Socks for $3.99
  • Leggings, Men’s Thermal Socks, and Women’s Cabin Socks for $7.99 
  • Men’s and Women’s Slippers for $9.99
  • Women’s Boots for $25.00

For such high-quality, brand-name items, these won’t last long in stores. Keep your feet warm this winter and head over to a store near you to get this awesome Can’t Miss Closeout before it sells out!