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Food spread for a Big Game football party.

No matter if you are a fanatical football fan or someone who doesn’t know the difference between a first down and a slow down, there’s one thing most everyone has in common: EVERYONE loves a good party. That’s especially true when it comes to the time when the world comes together to see football crown its ultimate champion at its biggest game every February.

Just like every team that makes it to the championship contest, there’s lots of planning involved in order to make everything go right and have the celebration of the season. No one can do it alone, so let the party coaches here at Ocean State Job Lot give you some victorious and creative play calls so you’ll be celebrating all day long.

Snacks for a party for the big football game.

Sideline Snacks

One thing we do know is that no matter who’s playing the Big Game, all your guests will be bringing their big appetite to your house. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about party snacks. Ocean State Job Lot has a wide variety of salty snacks, crackers, nuts, and more at prices that will keep you coming back for more.

Remember, the Big Game is an event and some people stay for the long haul from pregame to postgame while others only stay for a little while during the game. It’ll vary from guest to guest so have enough snacks.

Star Snack and Imperial Nuts, from pistachios to peanuts, roasted to mixed, salted and more, will keep those taste buds wanting more all day long.

If you think guests will pass on the nuts, put out some of Bob’s Red Mill White Popcorn or Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Snack Puffs, or Herr’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Curls. Peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets from Herr’s are always a tasty option as well.

Don’t forget to have a few good dips alongside. Maybe French onion, queso, or a classic salsa will do the trick. A fruit and vegetable tray along with some cheese and crackers is always a good healthy option as well.

Have your snacks all laid out in our disposable bowls and plates to make clean up easier after the postgame.

Food spread for football’s Big Game.

Apps and Big Game Goodies

One of your bigger decisions is what apps or main course foods to serve with the snacks. Chicken wings, chili, and potato skins are always good picks for guests.

Don’t forget we’ve got a variety of disposable aluminum pans to put all of your apps in or to heat up to serve during the day or night. Save on plastic plates, forks, and spoons. Aspen’s super strong heavy-duty paper plates come in 70-count for less than $4! You’ll be thanking yourself at the end of the evening when you have fewer dishes to wash. Remember, the idea is to enjoy yourself just like your guests so make this one of the things you put on your pregame plan checklist. It’s always better to have too many than too little here. You can always use them at the next shindig.


Chicken Wings on a plate.

Chicken wings | Paula Deen

Bowl of chili with chips.

Chili | Sarah Scoop Eats

Hands reaching for slices of different kinds of pizzas.

Pizza | 3 Boys and a Dog

Variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for Game Day.

Drinks & Mocktails

Your guests will be expecting some sort of refreshing spirits that keep them upbeat no matter how their team is doing. Whether it’s alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages you decide to go with, Ocean State Job Lot offers you plenty of party cup options at discount prices. Grab a 50-count pack for less than $3!

Polar soda is always available at Ocean State Job Lot in various flavors at prices that beat out many retail brand stores. You can drink them on their own or use them as mixes in your cocktails or mocktails. Your guests will think they’re delicious and you’ll be getting them at prices you won’t believe!

Top off your drinks with a decorative delight! Baker’s Secret Colorful paper straws, come in at only $3.49 for a 100-count pack and will light up any drink! It’s a little individuality that might keep your guests from drinking someone else’s beverage by mistake.

Looking for a few recipes to spice things up? Here’s a few you might want to try:

Football Margarita

Football Margherita | KimSpired DIY

First Down Rhum

First Down Rhum | Town and Country Magazine

Spiced wine and coke.

Spiced Red Wine and Coke | Bon Appetit

Remember to make sure that all your guests act responsibly.

Have lots of water and nonalcoholic beverages on hand so everyone returns home safely.

Men and women watching football together having fun.

Fun and Games

Snacks and drinks are all well and good, but here’s a chance to take your party to the ultimate level. Add a little personal touch and let your guests get really involved with their own personality and a few fun and games. After all, watching all those commercials can only go so far!

Homemade Scoreboard

Have an area, maybe with a dry erase board or sticky notes, where your guests can put up their pregame predictions. Maybe pick up a prize for the person who comes the closest.

Make Your Own Big Game Signs

Let your guests bring or create a sign for the team they are rooting for to win. Make them from our very own paper products and markers!

Dress In Team Colors

Tell your guests to come dressed in the colors of the teams they are supporting. If they don’t support either team, maybe they can showcase their favorite team that didn’t make it to the Big Game.

Photo Area

Set up an area with a backdrop where your guests can take selfies to share on social media. Let everyone know what a smashing success your party is.

Your Big Game party can be an event that sets the tone for this and many years to come. Give people a reason to get off their couch, get out of the house, and show up at YOUR party. With our helpful hints, you’ll score a touchdown and walk away with a certain victory!