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Saving Lives: One Animal At A Time

Animals have long been our loyal companions and have a special place in our hearts. They are our friends, our family, and they make our lives better in so many ways. Unfortunately, not all have a safe and loving home to call their own, and this is where rescues come in – they work tirelessly to give animals a second chance at life, and they need our support.

Animal welfare groups are organizations that work to save animals – from dogs, cats and birds to livestock and exotic animals – from neglect, abuse, or homelessness. These organizations provide care, shelter, and medical attention to animals in need. Finding loving homes for these animals is no easy task, whether through adoption or fostering programs, animal rescues and shelters play a crucial role in their overall welfare, but they can’t do it alone. They rely on the support of the community to continue their important work.

Picture of a horse, cat, parrot and a tortoise.Our To The Rescue Program for Animals In Need

Through Ocean State Job Lot’s  “To The Rescue” program, over 350 different animal welfare organizations, including municipal shelters, local rescues, rehabilitation farms and wildlife centers have benefitted from donations from our customers as well as our charitable foundation, to aid in their daily operations. To The Rescue debuted in 2019, and its success has continued to flourish over the years and provide aid in the forms of essential product, including hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and sanitizing spray, as well as gift cards to purchase other necessary pet supplies from Ocean State Job Lot, like pet food, beds, leashes, toys, chews, and more.

Representatives from a local rescue organization receive their To the Rescue donation

There are many reasons why supporting animal rescues is important. From saving the lives of animals, to promoting animal welfare and educating the community about responsible pet ownership, animal rescues take in animals that would otherwise have no chance of survival, and provide them with the kindness, compassion and love that they so deserve. Animal welfare groups provide medical attention, shelter, and care, and work to rehabilitate animals that have suffered from neglect or abuse. By supporting these organizations, we are directly contributing to saving the lives of animals.

Supporting rescues also has a positive impact on the community as a whole. Animal rescues often partner with local businesses and organizations, like the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation, to promote their cause. They also provide volunteer opportunities for community members, promote adoption through events, and help the community give back to animals. Adoption not only saves the life of the animal being adopted, but it also helps to free up space in animal shelters, allowing them to save even more lives every year.

There are many ways to support local animal rescues, including volunteering, donating to our To The Rescue program this spring, and spreading the word about the important work that so many animal welfare organizations do every day. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals in need.