What’s better than chocolate? Chocolate with a creme filling! If you haven’t tried Ovation Break-A-Part chocolate yet, let us tell you why it should be your next purchase at Ocean State Job Lot. This velvety chocolate is not only delicious to eat but it’s fun, too. After taking the chocolate-shaped ball out of the packaging, but before unwrapping the foil, gently tap it on a hard surface. When you unwrap, you’ll get 20 individual slices all ready to eat! Sharing is optional. 

Ovation Break-A-Part chocolate was originally introduced in England around the 1930s and is a traditional British Christmas favorite. Initially, there was only a chocolate orange flavor but today you can enjoy this treat in many flavors including mint, raspberry, and pineapple. These are a great gift for the chocolate lovers in your life, or to have on hand for your next family dinner as a fun dessert. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Grab a couple of Ovation Break-A-Part chocolates on your next trip to your local Ocean State Job Lot and taste for yourself. At $2.99, you won’t find a better deal! Let us know which flavor is your favorite by tweeting us @frugalfoodguys.