Recently updated on October 25th, 2023

A Happy Halloween image with several children in DIY costumes.

When it comes to Halloween, especially as a child, or parent of a child, who’s headed out to trick-or-treat, one of the hardest decisions can be what costume to choose? Should I follow the latest trend? Wear something cute or something spooky? Walk around in something comfortable?

Those are all awesome questions for you to consider! On top of that, when you finally decide what you want to wear as a costume, can you find it at a reasonable price? Parents will really appreciate that we have an answer to that question and it’s right here at Ocean State Job Lot!

Here’s five ideas that should rock your Halloween night, making you look cool so that you can have fun!

A child wearing a homemade Halloween ghost costume.

Classic Ghost Costume with a Twist

Every ghost costume can start with a simple white bed sheet from our bedding section. Cut out holes for eyes to give your costume an eerie flair and make sure you give yourself enough room to see from left to right while walking around and crossing streets. Maybe you’ll find some glow-in-the dark or googly eyes to add too around the face area!

If you’d like to make your ghost light up, grab a string of battery-powered LED lights from the seasonal decorations section. Stand out in the dark and attach these lights inside the sheet for a worldly glow.

Take your ghost to the boo level with an array of accessories from faux chains to tulle fabric which will create a haunted aura and wispy appearance.

A girl and boy wearing a DIY superhero Halloween costume.

Superhero Costume Using Household Items

Let Ocean State Job Lot unleash your unique super power to craft a costume especially for you. Every superhero is color coded, so check out our t-shirt and leggings section for a color that suits you. Pick a few other colors to go along with it too. Before you check out our crafting aisle for some more felt, fabric, or emblem to identify you, make sure you know what your identity is. You don’t want to get caught in the middle and have to start over.

Accessories will be HUGE here. Whether it’s a vibrant and flowing cape or an authentic assortment of belts, gloves, and masks, plot it out to give you that WOW and POW factor!

Does your superhero need a sword or maybe even a shield? Not only is it a superhero need, it’s something fun to play with while you’re trick-or-treating.

Finally, you may want to use temporary tattoos, stickers or decals to finish up your costume. Once you’ve got it all put together, try it out at home, look at it in the mirror and make sure it’s what you want before Halloween night. If it’s not and there’s time to adjust, visit your local Ocean State Job Lot to make some changes.

Two children in DIY robot Halloween costumes.

DIY Robot Costume Using Recycled Materials

Like most of these DIY costumes that you’re putting together from scratch, your creativity is a HUGE bonus. But here’s one thing you may not have thought about by making your Halloween costume from recycled items: you’re helping the environment and reducing waste. How cool is that!

First, start collecting your environmental materials like cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, bottle caps, and old electronics. You’ll want to make your robot look futuristic and mechanical. Using Ocean State Job Lot’s variety of colorful duct tapes can really make your costume stand out and highlight your creativity. Attach the limbs with twine and then look for bottle caps, aluminum cans, and other small metals to use as enhancements. You might need help with a glue gun for those.

See if you can find the right LED lights, wires, and adhesive tapes to add the right glow, illumination and a high-tech touch to your costume. These components can mimic a robot’s blinking lights and circuitry. Additionally, check for metallic paints or silver wrapping paper to give your creation a polished, metallic sheen.

By the time you get this costume put together, you’ll have one that’s truly out of this world!

A boy wearing a DIY pirate Halloween costume.

DIY Pirate Outfit Homemade

Maybe a swashbuckling pirate is right up your alley for trick-or-treating. If that’s the case, a billowy or puffy t-shirt is definitely in your future. So too is a bandana or too. That, along with a vibrant vest should be your base. Be sure to add some fabric to show off the booty of riches and textured materials that mimic pirate attire, and don’t forget a faux leather belt to tie it all together.

Every pirate needs a few pieces of costume jewelry, trinkets, and faux coins that can be easily repurposed as pirate loot. And of course, an eye patch, a musty hat, and a toy sword is a MUST to complete your dashing buccaneer look.

There’s netting, charms, and shells to secure if you want to be an extra special and nice pirate. But, if you want to make your pirate look a little evil, head to the face paint and makeup section to add some rugged evil looks to your pirate persona. It’ll go perfect with your accent when you ask for your trick or treats while you troll through the neighborhood.

A girl wearing a DIY Halloween witch’s costume.

Witch’s Hat and Cape

Here’s one of the most popular costumes you can make and it’s certainly one that can craft into your own personality. With a little ingenuity, creativity, and planning, you’ll stand out amongst the rest on Halloween night.

After starting out with a basic black outfit and hat, make it your own with ribbons, feathers, and faux spiderwebs. Maybe add a little flair too with decals and holiday stickers. These additions lend an air of mystique to your witchy headpiece.

If you want to fly, every good (or bad) witch needs a broom and cape to make her quick escapes. Find something that flows in the night so that if you get that nice breeze, it’ll look really cool while you’re collecting candy.

Take a stroll down the makeup aisle to get just the right look for you. Whether it’s dark or bright lipstick, eye-catching eyeliner, or some pale blush to give you that decades-old look, it’s definitely a plan that should be well planned out and not kept waiting until Halloween night.

By delving into Ocean State Job Lot’s array of affordable and versatile materials, you can concoct an enchantress ensemble that’s both budget-friendly and visually captivating. This DIY project showcases your creativity while embracing the spooky spirit of Halloween.

Don’t forget to visit your local Ocean State Job Lot for your costume materials and ideas.